Avoiding CRM Failure

5 Common Mistakes that lead to CRM Failure:

  1.  1.   Failing to provide immediate value to the sales force.
  2.  2.   Not identifying all of the business processes that impact customer relationships.
  3.  3.   Not setting clear goals to accomplish or defining metrics for success.
  4.  4.   Letting IT take the lead on the CRM project.
  5.  5.   Failing to build a customer data integration strategy.

A large percent of CRM projects fail each year, leading people to believe that success in a Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation implementation is unattainable. At Tour de Force CRM, we have a 98% customer retention rate, proving that success is attainable.

A successful CRM implementation can generate substantial returns. Payback within months and Return on Investment (ROI) of more than 100% is by no means impossible.  This cannot be accomplished, however, in an implementation that focuses on a set of generic best practices, or with a system that cannot be configured to match your specific business processes.