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Outlook Integration – Your CRM doesn’t do this, but Tour de Force CRM does | Register Now!

Tues. April 22, 2014
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT

If you are currently using a CRM system or have reviewed CRM systems in the past, you’ve most likely noticed that they all claim to offer integration with Microsoft Outlook. At Tour de Force CRM, we realize that our concept of Outlook Integration is a little bit different than our competitors.

Here’s what Outlook Integration means to us:

  • Your sales team never has to leave Outlook to work in the CRM system. All of their key daily activities can be done directly from the Tour de Force CRM toolbar in Outlook.
  • Your company saves time and money on training, you have less problems with user adoption, and your CRM initiative is a success. Because Tour de Force CRM is accessed in such a familiar interface, it is easier to learn and easier to use, which means that your team will actually…well…use it!
  • You get domain level email logging, meaning that all email communication between your company and your prospects, customers, vendors, and suppliers is automatically logged in the system. This improves communication across your entire organization, increases accountability, and provides a much better experience for your customers.

During this webinar, we will be diving into all the features that are offered as a result of our integration with Microsoft Outlook, from easy to use inbox navigation tools to our comprehensive email logging. Join us to see what you’re missing!